Book List: 18th Century Britain

Demography and Agriculture

Demography and Agriculture

Micahel Anderson, ed, 1996. British Population History: From the Black Death to the Present Day (New Studies in Economic and Social History)

Stphen Broadberry, Bruce M. S. Campbell, Alexander Klein, Mark Overton, and Bas van Leeuwen, 2015. British Economic Growth, 1270-1870

John Gillis, 1988. For Better, For Worse

Mark Overton, 1996. Agricultural Revolution in England: The Transformation of the Agrarian Economy 1500-1850 (Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography)


Lind Colley, 2009. Britons: Forging the Nation 1707-1837; Revised Edition

John Brewer, 1990. The Sinews of Power: War, Money and the English State, 1688-1783

J. C. D. Clark, 2000. English Society, 1660-1832: Religion, Ideology and Politics during the Ancien R&233;gime

Margaret Creighton, and Lisa Norling, eds, 1996. Iron Men, Wooden Women: Gender and Seafaring in the Atlantic World, 1700-1920 (Gender Relations in the American Experience)

Anthony Page, 2014. Britain and the Seventy Years War, 1744-1815: Enlightenment, Revolution and Empire (British History in Perspective)

Steve Pincus, 2011. 1688: 1688: The First Modern Revolution (The Lewis Walpole Series in Eighteenth-Century Culture and History)

N.A.M. Rodger, 2005. The Command of the Ocean: A Naval History of Britain, 1649­-1815

Frank O'Gorman, The Long Eighteenth Century: British Political and Social History 1688-1832

Culture and Society

Donna Andrew, 2013. Aristocratic Vice: The Attack on Duelling, Suicide, Adultery, and Gambling in Eighteenth-Century England

Philip Carter, 2000. Men and the Emergence of Polite Society, 1660-1800

Peter Clark, 2002. British Clubs and Societies 1580-1800: The Origins of an Associational World (Oxford Studies in Social History)

Brian Cowan, 2011. The Social Life of Coffee: The Emergence of the British Coffeehouse

Hugh Cunningham, 1980. Leisure in the Industrial Revolution: c. 1780-c. 1880: Volume 20 (Routledge Library Editions: The Victorian World)

Leonore Davidoff, and Catherine Hall, 1987. Family Fortunes: Men and Women of the English Middle Class 1780-1850

Emma Griffin, 2005. England's Revelry: A History of Popular Sports and Pastimes, 1660-1830 (British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship Monographs)

Tim Hitchcock, 2007. Down and Out in Eighteenth-Century London

Margaret Hunt, 1996. The Middling Sort: Commerce, Gender, and the Family in England, 1680-1780

Lindsay O’Neill, 2014. The Opened Letter: Networking in the Early Modern British World (The Early Modern Americas)

Lynn Lees, 2007. The Solidarities of Strangers: The English Poor Laws and the People, 1700-1948

Alun Withey, A. 2015. Technology, Self-Fashioning and Politeness in Eighteenth-Century Britain: Refined Bodies


Emily Erikson, 2016. Between Monopoly and Free Trade: The English East India Company, 1600-1757 (Princeton Analytical Sociology Series)

William Ashworth, 2003. Customs and Excise: Trade, Production, and Consumption in England, 1640-1845

Paul Elliott, 2009. The Derby philosophers: Science and culture in British urban society, 1700-1850

Leandro Prados de la Escosura, ed. 2004. Exceptionalism and Industrialisation: Britain and its European Rivals, 1688-1815

Natasha Glaisyer, Natasha. 2011. The Culture of Commerce in England, 1660-1720 (Royal Historical Society Studies in History New Series)

David Hancock, 1997. Citizens of the World: London Merchants and the Integration of the British Atlantic Community, 1735-1785

Jeff Horn, Leonard N. Rosenband, and Merritt Roe Smith, eds. 2010. Reconceptualizing the Industrial Revolution (Dibner Institute Studies in the History of Science and Technology)

Margaret Jacob, and Larry Stewart. 2009. Practical Matter: Newton's Science in the Service of Industry and Empire, 1687-1851 (New Histories of Science, Technology, and Medicine)

Peter Jones, 2013. Industrial Enlightenment: Science, technology and culture in Birmingham and the West Midlands 1760-1820

Neil McKendrick, 1982. The Birth of a Consumer Society: The Commercialization of Eighteenth-Century England

Ian Mitchell, 2014. Tradition and Innovation in English Retailing, 1700 to 1850: Narratives of Consumption (History of Retailing and Consumption)

Joel Mokyr, Joel. 2012. The Enlightened Economy: An Economic History of Britain 1700-1850 (The New Economic History of Britain Series)

Craig Muldrew,1998. The Economy of Obligation: The Culture of Credit and Social Relations in Early Modern England (Early Modern History: Society and Culture)

Philip Stern, 2011. The Company-State: Corporate Sovereignty and the Early Modern Foundations of the British Empire in India

Peter Temin, and Hans-Joachim Voth. 2013. Prometheus Shackled: Goldsmith Banks and England's Financial Revolution after 1700

Deborah Valenze, 2006. The Social Life of Money in the English Past

Jan de Vries, 2008. The Industrious Revolution: Consumer Behavior and the Household Economy, 1650 to the Present

Carl Wennerlind, 2011. Casualties of Credit: The English Financial Revolution, 1620-1720

Keith Wrightson, 2002. Earthly Necessities: Economic Lives in Early Modern Britain

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