Book List: Organizational Sociology

Reinhard Bendix, 1956. Work and Authority in Industry: Ideologies of Management in the Course of Industrialization (Classics of the Social Sciences)

Bruce Carruthers, 1996. City of Capital: Politics and Markets in the English Financial Revolution

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Mauro Guillén, 1994. Models of Management: Work, Authority, and Organization in a Comparative Perspective

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Heather Haveman, 2015. Magazines and the Making of America: Modernization, Community, and Print Culture, 1741-1860 (Princeton Studies in Cultural Sociology)

Andrew Hoffman, 2001. From Heresy to Dogma: An Institutional History of Corporate Environmentalism. Expanded Edition (Stanford Business Books (Paperback))

Victoria Johnson, 2008. Backstage at the Revolution: How the Royal Paris Opera Survived the End of the Old Regime

Jason Kaufman, 2002. For the Common Good?: American Civic Life and the Golden Age of Fraternity

Magali Larson, 1977. The Rise of Professionalism: Monopolies of Competence and Sheltered Markets

Christopher McKenna, 2006. The World's Newest Profession: Management Consulting in the Twentieth Century (Cambridge Studies in the Emergence of Global Enterprise)

Charles Perrow, 2002. Organizing America: Wealth, Power, and the Origins of Corporate Capitalism

Damon Phillips, 2013. Shaping Jazz: Cities, Labels, and the Global Emergence of an Art Form.

William Roy, 1997. Socializing Capital: The Rise of the Large Industrial Corporation in America

Joseph Schumpeter, 1934 The Theory of Economic Development. Theory of Economic Development (Social Science Classics Series)

William Sewell, 2005. Logics of History: Social Theory and Social Transformation (Chicago Studies in Practices of Meaning)

Paul Starr, 2004. The Creation of the Media: Political Origins of Modern Communications

Arthur Stinchcombe, Constructing Social Theories, Theoretical Methods in Social History (Studies in social discontinuity)

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JoAnne Yates, JoAnne. 1989. Control through Communication: The Rise of System in American Management (Studies in Industry and Society)

Viviana Zelizer, 1985. Pricing the Priceless Child: The Changing Social Value of Children

History of Coal 1: Coalification

History of Coal 1: Coalification

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