Anthropocene 101: What On Earth Is The Anthropocene?

This episode we start a new series: Anthropocene 101. In it, we'll talk about the history of the human-made planet, from the Columbian Exchange to the supermarket. The podcast roughly follows the class I'm teaching this semester--and, frankly, is my way of working on just what on earth I want to say when I talk to my students each week.

This introductory episode details just what the Anthropocene is and why we should care about it.  When does it start? Does it really matter?

I'm still finding my feet with this one: I worry I rambled a bit, that my theoretical meanderings were too flabby, and that there was far too little detail. Hopefully next week I'll make it a bit tighter.

Oh, and episodes will come out weekly until December!


Reading List:

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