Episode 136: Neoliberalism and Deindustrialisation with Christopher Lawson

We're back after an extended break with a great episode. In this episode I walk with my colleague Christopher Lawson about two really big things that happen in the 20th century: deindustrialisation and neoliberalism. These are hard topics to deal with on their own, and Christopher tells the story of how they both interact by telling the story of Scottish steel plants. The big question: should Britain's industry be efficient and globally competitive? or should it build local communities?

We talk about so much more!

And a programming note: I'm going to try to keep up with the episode a week schedule, but sometime in December, we're going to abruptly stop because our family is expanding! My wife is expecting a kid, due in December, so the podcast will probably go on the back burner at that time.

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