132: The Lebanese Civil War with Emily Whalen

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This episode I learn all about the Lebanese Civil War, which went on from 1975 to 1990. If you know anything about the Lebanese Civil War, you know that it’s complicated. It’s sometimes presented as a sectarian conflict—Christians against Muslims; but it’s also a conflict between the city and the country, a regional conflict, and a stage for the Cold War. PhD Candidate Emily Whalen, from UT Austin (now on a pre-doc at Yale) explains the history of the Lebanese Civil War remarkably. For Whalen, the civil war is a way of understanding democracy, pluralism, and the nation. Along the way we learn about the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Mandate system, and we talk about whether the nation is really worth it.

You can find Emily Whalen on Twitter, or on her website. Watch her stuff! I’m certain she’ll have a bestselling book out within the next ten years.

She also provided us with a ton of great reading recommendations:

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